The Final Word on Fridge Water Filters

If you love chilled clean and pure drinking water – fridge water filters are exactly for you.

Fridge water filters are typically a combination of a water purifier and a cold water dispenser unit. These filters are typically used in refrigerators, ice machines, water coolers, water fountains etc.

Fridge water filters are installed on the inside of a refrigerator. Today many refrigerators come with in-built filters while for the others, this filter can be installed separately too.

One drawback with these filters is, their installation is a complex and lengthy procedure. In contrast, there are numerous other purifiers available in the market today which are extremely easy and convenient to install on the taps in the home. Some don’t even need explicit plumbing of any kind.

However, these filters are useful in terms of the contaminants that they are able tot remove. Apart from other common contaminants, they can effectively remove Chlorine from water. This chemical is what many other purifiers find difficult to remove.

And the worse part with this chemical is it reacts with other organic contaminants present in tap water and produces various toxic by-products. Removing it from water is very important especially for staying away from bladder and breast cancer.

Another advantage with these filters is the fact that they retain the mineral content of the water. If you take water from any place on the Earth, you will find traces of minerals in it. These minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc etc are essential for our body and consuming water rich in them ensures a regular intake of these minerals.

Various purifiers, especially the Reverse Osmosis ones, strip off these minerals from water and make the water de-mineralized. Consuming such water for long can lead to multiple mineral deficiencies and is not recommended.

Fortunately, this problem is not there with a fridge water filter.

In essence, these filters are good in removing contaminants and retaining minerals but due to their complex structure, they lack the features of portability and ease of installation. In fact they also have a shorter life span as compared to other water purifiers.

For Fridge water filter with longer life, you will need to shell out extra money which is very large as compared to the cost of other regular water purifiers.

To get the best of both worlds, you can use multi stage water purifiers. These systems provide the benefits provided by Fridge water filters i.e. effective removal of all types of contaminants while retaining the minerals at the same time.

And they also overcome their drawbacks – these systems are easy to install, have a longer life span, are easy to maintain and are economically priced too!

If you want to know more about these purifiers and how they can efficiently replace fridge water filters, visit my website listed below.

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